KMI Structural Integration

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Structural Integration is a process that helps an individual experience an optimal way of moving. Soft tissue manipulation, education and awareness combine to release physical restrictions while increasing strength, adaptability and resilience.


To feel your best and to achieve optimum health, your body needs to move with balance. Muscles, bones and organs that move in proper relationship to each other create real strength – the kind that feels naturally good and powerful.

Injuries and lifelong habits can disrupt the natural alignment of your body and prevent you from being able to move freely. Pain and strain is your body’s way of telling you it is out of balance.

Structural Integration focuses on the body’s complex matrix of connective tissue in a way that brings all the body’s parts into more smoothly functioning relationships.

Integrating the whole system is a hallmark of Structural Integration - an approach that sets it apart from other kinds of bodywork or manual therapies. Structural Integration is a powerful instrument for positive change. 


Many people first experience Structural Integration through a defined series of sessions, each lasting approximately one hour, each building upon the last. After completing their series, many choose to continue with periodic “tune-ups” while others come in for help with issues resulting from injuries or illness.

There is an appropriate structural integration pathway for every individual and strategies will be tailored specifically for you. 

Testimonial : Allison Osborn, BS Program Director at Young Entrapenuers Academy / Yoga Teacher:

“Ironically, after four knee surgeries required to repair lacrosse injuries, I found myself needing
to mend from the cumulative effects of the operations themselves. Finding Structural Integration was the process that truly began my healing and soon became so much more than just
a way to regain strength and alleviate pain. For example, after one particularly amazing session,
I was able to run half a mile in four minutes instead of six. On a more subtle level, SI is now central to my personal and spiritual development. SI sessions help me continue to deepen my relationship with my body and myself, and to live with more awareness, harmony and grace.”